Hybrid enhanced Level 2b EFT Training with Professor Robert Elliott, co-founder of Emotion Focused Therapy

[in English. Online. Feb-Jun 2023]

The training is led by Professor Robert Elliott (Strathclyde University, Scotland), one of the primary originators of EFT for individuals, and facilitated by Dr Christina Michael, registered Counselling Psychologist, certified EFT Supervisor and director of CiEFT.

This is the next step toward becoming a Certified EFT therapist.

This broad and in-depth intensive four-full plus six-half -days training series covers material not presented in Level 1 and builds on previous EFT training. The participants will get the opportunity to deepen the learning of EFT level 1 and to also learn to practice other advanced clinical skills including EFT case formulation, focusing skills in EFT, learn more about chairwork variants and challenges etc.

This is an intensive course, spread out February to June 2023, so that participants get more opportunity to practice and experience advance work and to begin to implement EFT in their client work so that they have the opportunity to discuss their EFT practice with the trainers throughout the duration of the course.The format is a mixture of brief lectures, videos or demonstrations, experiential practice exercises in small groups, and discussion.

The course could be taken for continuing professional education credit. Taken with 5 hours of EFT supervision, this course could be used to meet requirements for Level A Certification recognised by the International Society for Emotion-Focused Therapy (ISEFT).

This course is open to anyone who has completed an accredited Emotion Focused Therapy Level 1 anywhere in the world and wants to enhance their EFT knowledge and feel more competent in applying EFT in their work. This course is also open to anyone who has attended EFT level 2 in the past and wants to refresh their knowledge (you can also attend specific parts of EFT level 2, see costs below).

A wonderful and diverse group of psychologists from Singapore, India, Iran, UK, Abu Dhabi, Greece, Germany and Cyprus is already taking part in this training since February.

The second part of the course (LEVEL 2B: Advanced tasks in EFT Practice) beginning Friday 21st of April is also open for the masterclasses that will take place for anyone who has attended EFT level 2 in the past and wants to refresh or deepen their knowledge on specific topics.

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