Psychological services for organisations and businesses

We are an experienced provider of psychological services to organisations and businesses throughout Cyprus and abroad. We can help enhance wellbeing and performance in your workplace through a range of training and therapeutic services.

We can deliver:

  • employee counselling, mindfulness, CBT, EFT, and psychological therapy – designed to support your employees
  • promoting wellbeing at work – training solutions to enhance awareness of the causes and symptoms of stress and other common psychological issues in the workplace
  • team building – trainings to enhance productive communication and increase engagement through effective employee communication
  • services to enable rehabilitation of employees – services to help employers understand the mental health issues of employees, the prognosis for their recovery and the treatment solutions available.
  • services to enable managers better understand and connect with their team.

We can deliver a tailored approach to meet with the unique requirements of your organisation or an off-the-shelf solution for times when you need to act fast.

Further information

For full details of our services, reach out to discuss your specific requirements. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and provide you with prices for any work you may need us to undertake.

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