Supervision & consultancy for mental health practitioners

Our experienced practitioners offer supervision and consultancy services to mental health professionals both virtually as well as in person at our centre or at your organisation.


  • Specialist supervision to professionals working in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and contexts:

Some of the more common approaches we can work with are counselling and psychotherapy (humanistic, process-experiential approaches). We also offer specialist support in process-experiential therapies, Emotion Focused Therapy, mindfulness, trauma and compassion-focused therapy.

We are able to support those working in a wide range of contexts including: general counselling or adult mental health; LGBT services; children and young persons and those who work with trauma and complex trauma; addictions; anxiety, depression, OCD, borderline personality traits, suicidality, risk behaviours, and abuse.

  • Supervision for EFT-accreditation:

Our group of internationally EFT accredited supervisors also offer specialised support to those who want to progress towards EFT specialization and accreditation with the International Society of EFT (ISEFT). This type of supervision is more specialised and focused on therapist’s micro-skills; it usually happens with the micro-analysis of videos/audios.

Supervision services available online or in-person

We offer different types of supervision all of which can be used for those working toward accreditation.

  • on a one-to-one or group supervision at our centre;
  • on occasional or ad hoc basis to individuals and groups at locations throughout Cyprus;
  • via a secure and private link on zoom (to individuals or groups who prefer this way of supervision or because they live and practice abroad).

One-to-one supervision

One-to-one supervision is suited to those wishing to develop their practice and allows time to explore issues and challenges in depth and to develop effective ways to deal with them.

Group supervision

Group supervision allows an exchange of experiences in a supportive environment that is facilitated by an experienced practitioner. It suits those wishing to develop their practice in a specific area. Group supervision can also be helpful for teams to aid understanding, client-therapist relational difficulties, and gain expert input.

Virtual supervision

Virtual supervision refers to any supervision which does not take place face-to-face. Whether individual or group supervision, this form of supervision helps us connect with our supervisees from wherever they are in the world using a passworded, secure and private video link that is sent to them solely every time of the session. Virtual supervision suits practitioners who may not live in Cyprus and feel confident in having a virtual meeting. CiEFT currently holds weekly virtual group supervision for professionals in the USA and Iran; if you are interested to participate to the next virtual group contact us.


We offer consultancy on specific areas that are linked to professional practice in the field of mental health, for example, psychometric measures, therapy outcome measures, therapeutic techniques, skills training and much more.

CPD and training

We offer CPD and training to mental health organisations and groups wishing to gain expertise in specific areas.

We also run regular CPD events for universities which focus on contemporary issues in the field of humanistic and process experiential approaches, Emotion Focused Therapy, advanced empathy skills, develop specific skills when working with specific client population, and mental health matters generally.

Find out more

Our supervision and consultancy services are available at our centre, throughout Cyprus at your organisations upon request and online. Feel free to get in touch for a ‘no-obligation’ initial session during which goals and approach will be discussed to see if it matches your professional needs . For further details and price for this session and subsequent sessions, please  contact us.

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