The CiEFT Institute

Our Vision

CiEFT aspires to be one of the leading Institutes in the areas of the Clinical Application, Training, and Research of Emotion Focused Therapy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer cutting-edge training to mental health practitioners by world leading experts so that we provide the highest level and widest range of effective, innovative and accessible psychological services to our clients.

Our Objectives

Delivering cutting edge education for mental health practitioners.

Serve our community with expert knowledge and offer our clients a range of clinical services through each of our team member’s individual expertise.

Enhance development and research on the science of emotion.
Offer expert knowledge on the science of emotion and develop education programs and training solutions for diverse contexts.
Inspire continuous learning and offer support for mental health practitioners through supervision up work.
Enable mental health practitioners to reach their full potential of clinical skills through continuing education on basic or more advanced clinical skills.
Foster a sense of community amongst like-minded mental health practitioners and enable collaborations with practitioners around the globe.
Connect mental health practitioners with internationally known trainers in applied psychology and help them stay connected with the latest clinical and academic updates of the field.

Our Core Values

Our core values are firmly embedded in everything CiEFT does, be that in our Academia or our Clinic, guiding our team’s shared mission.

Client needs are at the centre of everything we do.

At CiEFT we understand that every person’s difficulties are unique and our practitioners will work closely with you to tailor therapy in your specific needs and difficulties. In doing so we will use appropriate research-based interventions to help you work through an appropriate plan to improve your wellbeing.


All our practitioners are fully insured and supervised. We are driven in caring for people as individuals, respecting difference and enabling development and growth in all with whom we work. We believe in transparency and mutual respect, taking an ethical approach to all that we do.


We take pride in creating a safe, friendly, welcoming and comfortable customer service journey from the first to last contact, engendering confidence and enabling those who need us to use our services to maximum effect. Our sound-proofed counselling rooms are designed exclusively for talk therapy offering a peaceful and secure environment to our clients. Our entire design ethos is carefully selected to create an equal atmosphere for the client and the therapist, in which they both feel valued and equal.


We hand-pick professionals who work with us. We carefully select only practitioners with excellent qualifications and experience in the services they offer. Furthermore, we work in a way that recognizes the respective strength of different backgrounds, and we ensure our team is composed of trainers and practitioners with a wide range of content, experience and expert skill set to meet the needs of different client population and difficulties.


We are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where highly qualified practitioners are well-supported and inspired to grow into their full potential of therapeutic skills and offer cutting edge practice to our clients.

Research-based practice

We operate at the cutting-edge of the field and offer techniques/skills based on the most up-to-date research in the field of psychological wellbeing, counselling, psychotherapy skills and performance development. 

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