3rd Free EFT growth support network 27th of May 2023 [English & Greek, Online & in-person]

*Creating a space of belonging, inspiration and growth at the home of EFT in Cyprus*

Aligned to our mission, one of our aims is to foster a sense of community amongst like-minded mental health practitioners and enable collaborations with practitioners around the globe. Following the previous successful gatherings we are pleased to announce the third Cyprus EFT Network meeting on the 27th of May 2023. Meetings are facilitated by Dr Christina Michael.

Information about the meetings:

Cyprus EFT Network Meetings are currently free and sponsored by the Cyprus Institute for
Emotion-Focused Therapy (CiEFT). The primary aim is to support the EFT community grow; to offer a safe, confidential and supportive environment, and a sense of belonging. They are open to everyone
who has completed at least one level of accredited EFT training or another training with us or and is interested in developing their EFT practice. We plan to meet four or five times each year, watch a video (by the American Psychological Association) with an EFT therapist , discuss, and have an hour to do either some skills practice or supervision in small groups.

*You do not need to be based in Cyprus in order to attend.
*Note: During each of these meetings we are all bound by confidentiality. *

See outline of the day below:

Time: 11:00–15:00 (Cyprus time)
Timetable/Approximate Timings:
10.45-11:00 arrival time and coffee
-11:00-11:30 Brief check-in/update on your practice, plus Cyprus EFT Institute update (30 min)
-11:30-12:30 APA Video and discussion (60 min)*
-12:30-13:00 Social time/networking: Coffee and some food all together (30 min)
-13:00-14:00 Skill practice or small group supervision (45-60min)
-14:00-14:15 coffee break
-14:15-15:00 Processing small groups and discussion (45 min)

You can join us for whatever parts of the day you want.

You can participate either online via a private zoom link we will provide you or in person. If you are joining in person the meetings take place at the Cyprus Institute for Emotion Focused Therapy.

If you are interested in participating in these meetings please book your place by directly emailing Christina on christina.michael@eft.cy

We will offer tea/coffee and biscuits during our breaks. We have lunch all together at the
office so please bring snacks or food you can share with the group (nothing fancy, eg. a salad to
share with everyone, or small sandwiches, or any other food really etc).

Before you go.

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