Specialised Emotional Intelligence Trainings at Tryfon Tseriotis

channeling emotions toward a productive end is a master aptitude. Whether it be in controlling impulse and putting off gratification, regulating our moods so they facilitate rather than impede thinking, motivating ourselves to persist and try, try again in the face of setbacks, or finding ways to enter flow and so perform more effectively—all bespeak the power of emotion to guide effective effort.
― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

The Cyprus Institute for EFT specialises on Emotions and offers in vivo and zoom trainings to companies on Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) trainings at workplace have gained much popularity in Europe and USA over the last decades. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage emotions effectively. EQ is important at work so you can perceive, reason with, understand and manage the emotions of yourself and others; this can provide significant benefits and further develop your career, in addition to improving your productivity and creating better relationships and promoting a positive work environment.

Research (Navas, 2022) consistently suggests Emotional Intelligence has much to offer the modern workplace and stakeholders across all functions: It helps leaders motivate and inspire good work by understanding others’ motivations. It brings more individuals to the table and helps avoid the many pitfalls of groupthink.

We are delighted to see companies like Tryfon Tseriotis incorporating Emotional Intelligence trainings at their workplace. The corporate world is certainly changing for the better by adding mental health matters at the central scene of their strategic planning. This was the third EQ workshop run by Dr. Christina Michael, with members of Tryfon Tseriotis team.

It is always a privilege to being part of meaningful change. One company at a time. One person at a time.

We want to thank Tryfon Tseriotis for the wonderful collaboration once again.

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