From California USA to Cyprus, we form solid collaborations and serve mental health professionals around the globe

The Cyprus Institute for EFT has formed strong collaboration with Academic Institutes from all over the world including Canada, Iran, UK, USA. Since 2020 we have the pleasure of connecting with the Southern Californian Institute in the USA managed by Ladan Safvati who does an amazing job in spreading EFT around the world and runs a number of trainings every year.

In September 2022, we had the pleasure in collaborating once again with the Southern California Institute of EFT in the USA for an EFT-Individuals Level 2 delivered by Dr. Les Greenberg & Dr. Serine Warwar, and facilitated by Dr Christina Michael. This month the SoCal Institute in California USA has organised an intensive EFT Level 1 run by Professor Robert Elliott and facilitated by Dr. Christina Michael who is an EFT Accredited Supervisor and trainer-in-training of our Institute. The training takes place online (26th of April to 6th of May 2023) and is hosted by Southern California Institute of EFT in America with clinicians from all around the world including Singapore, China, Canada, USA and Europe participating and forming professional connections and support groups for the future. 

At the Cyprus Institute for EFT we value and appreciate our global collaborations as they inspire us to keep becoming better in helping professionals in their Continuing Professional Development journey from wherever they are in the world. It is clear in our mission to keep on serving our community from wherever professional post and fostering the creation of a community amongst like-minded mental health practitioners and enable collaborations with practitioners around the globe.

It is always an honor and a privilege to connect with clinicians all over the world through our work .

We want to thank the Southern California Institute of EFT for the wonderful collaboration once again.

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